Wheelchair Basketball: Roaring Thunders Maintain Lead, Wheel Warriors Turn Tables

Last Saturday, 11th November 2017, marked a day of celebration and excited anticipation among supporters of Roaring Thunders and Wheel Warriors Basketball Teams. This follows their remarkable success in the second round games of the newly introduced United General Insurance (UGI) Wheelchair Basketball Tournament that was held at Kachere Rehabilitation Centre’s Basketball Court in Blantyre.

Two weeks ago, during the launch day matches, Roaring Thunders quickly secured a top position, with six points (on the table) from two games. This advantageous position was earned after beating Black spiders and Wheel Warriors in first and third matches. Then Zigzaggers followed on the second position with three points as Wheel Warriors and Black Spiders shared the last two positions correspondingly, with Zero points.

Zigzaggers (red) against Roaring Thunders (black)

During last Saturday’s second round games, Roaring maintained the first position in the table following a successful outcome against Zigzaggers.

However, although last Saturday’s games have proved only the obvious among Roaring Thunders fans, it has an amazing ‘tables-turned’ for Wheel Warriors which has stepped up to position 2. The step-up occurred after ruthlessly beating both Zigzaggers and Black Spiders who now occupy third and fourth positions in the table, respectively.

In a post-match interview, the Team Captain, Bartholomew Maida revealed his team secret to success.

“For the past two weeks, we have been training hard both individually and as a group. These interactions provided a fertile platform for discussing various challenges that may hinder the team’s progression to finals and eventually championship”, said Maida, who later thanked UGI authorities for their commitment to promote this sport and subsequently improve quality of life for people with varying forms of disability.

Speaking at the end of the games, The vice Secretary General of Basketball Association of Malawi (BASMAL), Banthari Banda, acknowledged having experienced the most exciting moment of his life as a sportsman. In his words, he further assured players of BASMAL’s support in procuring basketball specific appliances including proper wheelchairs.

Left to right: BASMAL Vice SG, Banda; BWB Chairperson, Mughogho; Sozobal Wheelchair Basketball Chairperson, Nyasa.

“I have seen some real improvement among players in terms of skills, guarding, movement and fair play. Of course, there is a need to furnish some scoring skills and rebound response but I am sure we will get there as days go by. As your voice to the government, BASMAL promises to carryout facilitative measures to ensure the spread of wheelchair basketball is not only the southern Zone but also the Central and Northern zones of Malawi. I am sure that by the end of next year, we will have formed a National Team” said Banda, whose words met a remark of appreciation from BWB’s Chairperson, Veronica Mughogho.

Following the outcome of second-round games, next games are scheduled on Sunday, 19th November 2017 where Roaring Thunders and Wheel Warriors shall struggle for the very 1st Position and Black Spiders and Zigzaggers for the third place.

1 Roaring Thunders 3 3 0 4 9
2 Wheel Warriors 3 2 1 14 6
3 Zigzaggers 3 1 2 -9 3
4 Black Spiders 3 0 3 -8 0

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