One on One: Things You Didn’t Know About Emmanuel Zoya

Apart from playing for Nyasa Big Bullets, do you know which teams your star support? His favourite players? One on One gives you hidden information about your star players. In this week’s edition, we bring you Nyasa Big Bullets man on the moment Emmanuel Zoya.

In the chat Sports Malawi Reporter (SMR) and Emmanuel Zoya(EZ).

SMR: What is your full name and date of birth? 

EZ:  Emmanuel Siyeni Zoya, I am an October guy, I was born 28 October 1990.

SMR: What is your marital status?

EZ: I am happily married to  Memory with one lovely daughter Nelly. 

SMR: Ma hope alibe chance pamenepa.

EZ: HA! HA! HA! For sure memory is the best thing ever happened to me.

SMR: Are you a believer? 

EZ: I am a Roman Catholic believer 

SMR: So Emmanuel, how and when did you started football as a career?

EZ: To be honest, I never thought I would be where I am today, in my younger age I was playing soccer for fun. Things changed in 2007 when I was playing in secondary school coca cola tournament. Civo United spotted me. I remember the first day of training with Civo I was nervous to train with players like Charles Ben and
Oscar Kaunda. Each time I remember that day I laugh, imagine I went for training and was too nervous to the extent that I never practice because of fear.

SMR: What is your favourite position? 

EZ: I enjoy football when am playing as left back or centre back.

SMR: What is the most exciting part of these positions?  

EZ: I enjoy playing as centre back because you are a commander or a king to your fellow players giving them instructions, I really like that part. As for left back, it gives me a room to attack, so each time I attack whether I score, give an assist or even just take part in a move that contributes to a goal I feel great.

SMR: What challenges are you facing now? 

EZ: Let me tell you the truth, playing at Bullets it’s a big challenge people think it’s  as easy as playing any other club. Bullets’ is the biggest football club with millions of supporters, when you are going for a game you have to think of how to make them [supporters] happy because they are always hungry for good results, so it’s a big challenge but all in all I thank them because it makes me work extra hard. On top of that, there is competition among us [players].

SMR: How is life at your Bullets? 

EZ: Life at Bullets is great, with support from the fellow players, the technical panel as well as supporters. I always feel at home.

SMR: What is your favourite club, locally and/or International? 

EZ: I am a Nyasa Big Bullets and Arsenal fan

SMR: Who inspires you as far as football is concerned? 

EZ: My wife inspires me a lot,  she is always there for me in good and bad times, she encourages me to be a better player. I love her so much together with our little one.

SMR: You have been on the scoresheet in recent games, should we say you are at your pick? What is the secret behind it? 

EZ:  Am not at my pick but am working towards that and it will be soon. The secret is working hard, play better than yesterday and give respect to my colleagues and technical panel.

SMR: Which team do you wish to play for? (Locally and/or International)

EZ: My dream was to play for Bullets in Malawi,  now if all I wish is to play outside the country.

SMR: Who is/are your favourite player(s)

EZ: I like Arsenal star Laurent Koscielny and here ndimapereka ulemu kwa (I salute) Chimango Kaira aja ndi akatundu omanga ndi waya ( he is a great player)

SMR: What is your greatest fear in football?

EZ: My greatest fear is getting a serious injury, you know when you are injured you no longer performance the way you ued to.

SMR: What do you like doing at your free time?

EZ: Chating with my family, Going to for prayers, watching football and playing basketball

SMR: Any message to your fans.

EZ: They should continue supporting me in good and bad times.

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