VAM urges NR committee to utilize lake-shore districts to promote beach volleyball

Volleyball Association of Malawi [VAM] has urged the newly elected volleyball committee for the north to utilize the lake shore districts in order to promote beach volleyball in their four year tenure of office.

Speaking to Sports Malawi, VAM general secretary Jailos Nkhoma, said beach volleyball has potential of putting Malawi on the world map but lacks promotion form other stakeholders and its behind in terms of development compared to their SADC counterparts.

“As VAM the newly elected regional committee must take a leading role in promoting beach volleyball as the north has two lake shore districts. These facilities must be taken of  to play beach volleyball on them,” he said.

Nkhoma added that VAM is trying its level best to find sponsorship for such tournaments as they know beach volleyball has the potential to be big with financial assistance to grow the sport,” he said.

“The promotion must start start from the grassroots and the regional committees are the grassroots and this is the best time for us to promote beach volleyball, we have the beaches and with the talent and coaching we can achieve something special on the international scene,” he explained.

According to the newly elected volleyball chairperson for the north Kafumu Nkhoma, re insured the Mother body that his committee will work tirelessly towards the promotion of youth volleyball across the region in their tenure of office.

“We know how a strong team in place and will help to advance our vision as we are passionate about growing the sport to another level and these next four years people should expect great things to come,” he said with passionate.

Among others Kafumyu Nkhoma went on an opposed as chairperson for a third term of office and will be deputized by Laston Bana. Sullen Mwangomba was elected secretary, Temwanani Chinula is the publicist secretary and will be deputized by Cathy Namwela, and Lembani Kananga is Treasure.

The elected northern region volleyball committee will serve tenure of four years till 2020.

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